Welcome To Rock N Roll Barrel Productions, LLC

Privately owned and Managed
Samantha FitzSimon 210-912-8451 & Brenda Knowlton 210-313-8363
Heritage Brand
"Bringing superior quality and distinctive design to the equine, canine, and western fashion world."
You MUST be paid an hour before you run or your number will be released.  We always average 40 runners an hour to give you an idea.

Mailing checks is a convenience we give to our runners. If you want your money immediately you need to stay after the race and collect your cash.
Any amount under $40 will NOT be mailed out, must be picked up at the next race! Otherwise we will have checks mailed within 14 days after the race.
2017 Tenative Dates

January 28-29
February 18   Non Points
March 25-26
April 15
May 13
June 24-25
September 16-17
October 28-29
November 18-19
December 2

December 3rd

If you are in the top 5 of the
Open / Youth
or in the top of 10 of Novice you need to be present to recieve your awards or notify us that someone will be receiving them for you.  If NOT, the awards will go to the next person placing!