Welcome To Rock N Roll Barrel Productions, LLC

Privately owned and Managed
Samantha FitzSimon 210-912-8451 & Brenda Knowlton 210-313-8363

Mailing checks is a convenience we give to our runners. If you want your money immediately you need to stay after the race and collect your cash.
Any amount under $40 will NOT be mailed out, must be picked up at the next race! Otherwise we will have checks mailed within 14 days after the race.


ALL Pre Entries MUST
be paid with Credit Card or
Mail in with a check.

Credit Card Pre-Entries Will Have No More Fee's But Will Be Have A $10 Rider Fee

Novice Riders MUST bring in a $100 Sponsor
Turned In By The Beginning Of June 24th race!

$5000 Novice Class Added

Youth Is now a 3D with
1 second splits

Remember To:
Bring In A $250 or more Sponsorship and get your Yearend Membership of
$50 Wavied!
Rock N Roll Barrel Productions