Samantha FitzSimon   210-912-8451    rafterf@icloud.com
Brenda Knowlton   210-313-8363  corgibk1@aol.com

Website Address:  www.rocknrollbarrels.com
Email Address:  rocknrollbarrels@aol.com

We have the right to refuse riders & spectators.
There will be zero-tolerance from disrespectful riders & spectators.
Nor for any kind of abuse or meaness to your horse!!!!!!!!!
If any members are asked to leave for any reason, they will NOT be refunded
any fees paid in to Rock N Roll Barrels Production, LLC.

Rock N Roll Barrel Productions will commit to providing fairness, equality and FUN races for everyone.  Each rider will have to abide by the rules established by Rock N Roll Barrel Productions.  It is the rider’s responsibility to read and comprehend all rules.  Rock N Roll Barrel Productions has the right to amend or add to any of the rules as needed.   Every rider is responsible to provide their Coggins at every race, if asked. 

There will be a 60 second limit on exhibitions.  No exceptions!

Classes:  Combined Format

Contestants must attempt to make the fastest run possible.  Any obvious attempt to pull up or pace their run may result in disqualification.  During the barrel classes, there will be one circling of each barrel.  No re-circling allowed due to unfairness of other contestants in the same drag.  There will be a $10.00 penalty for re-circling a barrel during a class!  If a barrel is knocked down it will result in a no-time.

Office Fee's Included in Open and Youth Entry Fee

5D Open:    $45  ( ½ , ½, ½,  ½)

$250 Added Guaranteed
(Somtimes More)

80% Payback on $ 40

4D Youth:   $35 ( ½ , ½, whole splits)  18 & Under (as of Jan 1st 2017)

80% Payback on $ 30

Race Incentives Carry Over Only

3D Adult:   $20 ( whole , whole, whole) 19 – 49

3D Senior:  $20 ( whole, whole, whole)  50 & Over

80% Payback on $ 20

Buybacks allowed for Open/Youth and carry over incentives, All runs count.

Same horse can be rode by others in Open & Youth

All runners must have a W9 on file in order to receive prize money. 
W9’s will be available at all times.  1099’s will be issued at year end and in accordance with IRS Guidelines.

Barrel Runs/Entries/Exhibitions:

We will be accepting pre-entries for each race.
There is a $5 Fee For All Pre Entries Per Day (Non-Refundable)!

All Pre-entries MUST be paid with Credit Card or mail in check (PO Box 778 Floresville, Texas 78114) and will have up until the Friday before the race @ noon to cancel and then will receive 80% of entries on the refund. 

re-enter for a race and cannot make it, please contact secretary an
You can also enter at the race CASH ONLY.  Once a draw is posted for horse and rider, it shall not be changed.  Some exceptions can be made, but remember it is a huge inconvenience to the secretary!

$25 Returned Check Fee

Books stay open until the last runner!


Results will be posted the evening after each race.  If any descrepencies with your time or horse you MUST notify us within 48 hours or they will remain as posted.

Rescheduling of Races:

If you are in question about weather/arena conditions, please call before you haul.  The website will be updated at all times.

All Day Shows
Books Open 10 AM
Exhibitions 10:30-1:00 PM

Starts @  1:15pm

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Brenda  & Sam
Rock N Roll Barrel Productions, LLC.