2018 Sponsors
$250 Sponsors
Provide the Banner and it will be hung in the warm arena for all 2018 races!

Will get a race(s) named after them and we will have banners made to be hung in the main event arena and in the warm up arena.
  Name on Event Flyers, Website advertisement
and all races for 2018.
ALL Sponsor Money Received Is Used For Added Money For The Races and For Any Awards During 2018
Thank You for your March Sponsorship!
lefeeds.com  Check out their Facebook page @lefeeds
Poth, Georgewest, Hondo & Llano
$500 Sponsor for April 14th race!
findingyourpieceoftexas.com  Check out her Facebook page @findingyourpieceoftexas

$500 Sponsor for May 5th race!
retamaequinehospital.com  Check out their Facebook page!
$1250 Sponsor for July 28th race! $150 Added Youth!
premierequinesportstherapy.com   Check out her Facebook page!  Click here for info on MagnaWave.
Kotara Hay Farms
Coastal & Tifton    Square bales & round bales
Stockdale-Kosciusko area
David Kotara
(currently out of hay until season resumes in May)
Jymmy Kay Cox 512-921-8877
$500 Sponsor for November 17th race!
stresslineequine.com   210-325-0725
Check out their Facebook page!

$1000 Sponsor for September 15-16 race!  $250 Added Youth!
Visit their website dlprint.com 
Check out their Facebook page @dlprinting
$500 Sponsor for December 1st race!
Visit their website  tejasrodeo.com
Check out their Facebook page  @TejasRodeo

Thank You for your February Sponsorship!

$500 Sponsor Zerlotti Genetics for June 23rd Race
$500 Sponsor Headdress Salon, Amada Bader
for June 24th Race
$500 Sponsor for August 25th race!
Thank You!!!!
Thank You!!!!
$125 Youth Sponsor
for April 14th Race!
Carmen Mero
Thank you for your September 15th  Sponsorship!  $ 1250
Thank you for your December 1st
2D Futurity Sponsorship $300
Thank you for your December 1st Sponsorship